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Another busy cake week!

Despite being on half-term holidays (yes, I have a 'day job' too!) it has been a very busy cake week.

I have taken my first confirmed 2012 Wedding booking, having been invited to make a Cupcake Tower for Hayley and Mike's Wedding at the Old Thorns Hotel in Liss. Also, after a lovely, chatty meeting with Andy and Richard, they have asked me to create a bespoke tower of Cupcakes for their Civil Parntership in Southampton later this year.

I've also created a musical themed Giant Cupcake for Jenny's 16th, and a gorgeous, brightly coloured pink/orange swirled Giant Cupcake for Olivia's 13th. Both girls were delighted with the look of their cakes ~ and I know will have enjoyed the taste too!

At the moment I am making preparations for this weekend's Weddings ~ two of them, both on Sunday. Jo and Rob are tying the knot at the beautiful Stanwell House Hotel, Lymington; whist Caroline and Richard are having an intimate ceremony and celebration at the Woodlands Hotel, Cadnam.

Now, I really must stop 'task avoiding' and get on with making 50 white roses!

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